One of Dr. Romanelli’s primary focuses is on workers’ compensation. He serves both sides of the spectrum. Just as he is an IME (independent medical examiner), he can also be hired to serve as an expert medical witness to evaluate worker’s compensation claims as well as liability claims. Workers’ compensation insurance pays an employee while they are unable to work due to a work-related injury. This type of insurance is mandatory and each state has its own regulations and programs. The federal government also has a workers compensation program, but it is for government employees and certain fields of work.

who can receive workers compensation

Workers compensation also pays for any medical expense that is associated with the work-related injury sustained. Usually, workers compensation is given to the employee regards of whether the recklessness was caused by the employee, employer, client, customer, or co-workers. Although workers compensation covers work-related injuries sustained by the employee, it does not cover all types of injuries endured.

Workers compensation does not cover injuries that were self-inflicted or as a result of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It also does not cover injuries sustained while violating company policy or committing a crime. The employee will not be covered if the incident is not work-related.

You will be covered if you were not at work but the injury was related to your job. This includes company functions and events, traveling for work-related business, or company errands that are away from the office.

Workers compensation covers work-related injuries, illness, or disabilities. The insurance is not only restricted to sudden injuries. You can receive long term workers compensation if a disability or long-term illness is related to your job and working conditions.

Why you need an orthopaedic expert witness on a workers’ compensation case

An orthopaedic expert witness’s professional opinion is vital during a complex case when trying to determine if in fact the physician who examined the patient performed at the standard of care and correctly reported on the patient’s condition. Their expertise helps determine if an employee’s injuries, illness, or disabilities are work-related. Their opinions and expertise can give an attorney a better interpretation of the inaccuracy in results or documentation.

Dr. Romanelli, being well-versed in causation analysis and his area of specialty, can provide the needed expertise for your case. Through evaluation of the legal medical matter, Dr. Romanelli can provide a legal report to an attorney and jury on whether the physician who provided the diagnosis, treatment, and care to the patient, was performing at the necessary standard of care.

Worker's Compensation

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impairment RATINGs

During a medical litigation, patients will often seek benefits and compensation from Social Security claims, workers compensation, or other medical cases. To potentially receive such compensation or benefits, an exam must be completed to determine an impairment rating, if the impairment is permanent. A physician will perform an examination to evaluate if a patient has suffered physical or mental impairment. The evaluation also indicates whether the impairment is temporary or permanent.

Worker's CompensationIf an impairment is permanent, an impairment rating evaluation will be done to see how much of an impairment the patient has endured. The impairment rating ranges from 0 to 100. This helps the legal team, jury, and insurance company comprehend the severity of the injury to the patient. It also allows the employer to understand how the injury will impact the employee at work and allow for adjustments if the employee will be returning to work.

After a course of visiting with their physician, the physician will determine if the patient has reached their level of improvement. 

An injury in a patient that is suffering from permanent impairment will be consistent and not change. And impairment rating evaluation will also determine how severe the permanent impairment is.  Each state has their own disability and workers compensation benefits system, so the impairment rating guide may be different from state to state.

Dr. Romanelli utilizes the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 6th Edition for his impairment ratings. 

Worker's Compensation
Worker's Compensation
Worker's Compensation
Worker's Compensation
Worker's Compensation