MEDICAL Legal Consulting

Medical records and medical evidence may be difficult to interpret by nonmedical professionals. This can lead to information left unseen during your medical legal case. Medical experts can accurately assess medical information and spot vital details initially missed or misinterpreted. Dr. Romanelli provides consultation on these legal matters. He can help educate the legal team on medical findings after he has thoroughly evaluated medical records and evidence for the case. He provides the guidance needed to help with your medical legal matter.


Independent Medical Evaluations – IME

REIM – Romanelli Independent Medical Examination can be hired by a defense attorney or insurance company to perform independent medical evaluations on plaintiffs in workers compensation cases or any case needing proper and through examination for a medical report to strengthen the case.


Second Opinions

Being well-versed in his practice, Dr. Romanelli provides professional opinions and expertise. His professional opinions come from his medical experience and knowledge when analyzing the case. He gives guidance to the legal team and is highly credible with the jury.

Romanelli independent Medical Examination

Panel Evaluations

Dr. Romanelli performs panel evaluations with other experts that are cultivated in their fields to address and provide information on questions of a specific a case.

Impariment Ratings

An examination is performed on a patient to determine if they suffer from permanent impairment. If the patient is permanently impaired, the evaluation will also state whether the impairment is physical or mental and how severely they are impaired. This information is needed in a medical legal case when a patient is seeking compensation or long-term benefits. If the patient suffers from permanent impairment, an impairment rating ranging from 0 to 100 will be given.

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Romanelli independent Medical Examination

Medical Record Reviews

Dr. Romanelli’s knowledge and expertise allow him to thoroughly review medical records for evaluation, examination, interpretation, advice, and consultation. He can assess these records and provide legal guidance and a professional opinion.

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Thorough evaluation and examination is done to provide a medical report on the defendant (physician) in a medical malpractice or medical legal case. Dr. Romanelli’s investigates the standard of care provided by the physician on the medical case to prove they were fully competent in their practice.

Expert Testimony

REIM – Romanelli Independent Medical Examination provides a clear and comprehensive testimony on his findings and facts. For a medical malpractice case, Dr. Romanelli will testify on whether the acting physician was performing at the standard of care. 

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General orthopaedic physician services

Change of Health Care PRovider (Las Cruces Only)

Medical staff guidance when switching to Dr.Romanelli

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