Medical legal cases can become extremely complex. At times, information pertaining to the medical records or medical evidence may go unseen within the case.  This information can be spotted in a heartbeat by a medical expert. To win your case and strengthen your stance, it is best to hire an expert in the field. A medical legal consultant can thoroughly examine medical records and evidence. Their medical knowledge and expertise can provide the needed guidance and answers to your medical legal case. Dr. Romanelli is cultured in his field and can provide that necessary aid. 

Dr. Romanelli’s years of experience as a physician and being cultivated in his specialty and field, enhance the likelihood of your case. Although highly versed on legal matters, attorneys and paralegals seek medical advice from the medical experts themselves. Dr. Romanelli can educate the legal team and help them better understand the medical aspects of the legal case and claims.

Medical legal consultants are especially vital in a liability case. Dr. Romanelli can assist the legal team with interpreting all medical findings in the case. He can help evaluate the medical findings and consult the legal team on whether there is a potential liability, based on the principles of the case. Dr. Romanelli provides medical legal consulting in various medical cases. Having Dr. Romanelli on your legal team can immensely add credibility to your case. 


Services we provide for everything medical

• Medical Summary Reports 
• Answering Specific Questions in Cases 
• Causation Opinions 
• Medical necessity Opinions 
• Treatment Recommendations 
• Liaison to Treating Physicians 
• Determination of Future Medical Care and Cost 
• Medical Research 
• Provide Deposition and Court Questions 
• Finding Experts 
• Standard of Care Review

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