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Dr. Romanelli

Daniel Romanelli M.D., FAAOS

Sports Medicine, General Orthopaedic Surgeon and Expert Witness

Daniel Romanelli M.D., FAAOS  provides expert medical opinions based on evidence based medicine with special attention to detail and determining injury causation.

Dr. Romanelli has 20 years’ experience in the workers’ compensation, 8 years experience as a IME provider and 6 years’ experience as a orthopaedic expert witness for liability cases. Dr. Romanelli and the Rime panel of experts specialize in using the best current evidence in making opinions that are logical with real solutions for simple and complex cases.

As an orthopaedic expert witness, Dr. Romanelli has two locations for ease of appointments. Dr. Romanelli’s team members are efficient, reliable, and focus on cost effective measures. The team understands the local communities of New Mexico. Dr. Romanelli is fluent in Spanish as are most of his staff members. We are proud to serve the needs of our clients for the following claim types and services.

Types of Claims: 

1.) Liability cases – slip, trip, and falls with orthopaedic injuries, IME’s, and orthopaedic malpractice.

2.) Court ordered IMEs and second opinions.


• Forensic Orthopaedics

• Slip, Trip, and Fall with Orthopaedic Injuries

• Orthopaedic Medical/Legal Consulting

• Orthopaedic IME Provider

• Orthopaedic Malpractice

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Worker's Compensation
Worker's Compensation
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